Covid-19 Guidance for Players and Venues


A meeting to discuss re-starting league snooker under current Covid-19 guidance will be held at 7:30pm on Friday 4th September at the Ivy Leaf Club in their larger downstairs room. This will allow better social distancing and hand sanitiser will be available. Please bring your own face coverings if you require them. Remember its on FRIDAY not Wednesday. At the moment Ivy Leaf is closed midweek.


Please direct all your players and venues to these guidelines because all teams and venues must abide by this guidance. Venues might have some leeway for certain guidance due to size, shape and space within that venue.


Please discuss this guidance with your players and your venue and bring up any questions, queries or concerns at the meeting on Friday 4th September at 7:30pm.


Any Team sport can only restart when each sport's national governing body has published a government-approved action plan and related guidance on playing safely. Snooker has a government-approved action plan devised by WPBSA and EPSB (English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards). This covers all Snooker related activity in England therefore Milnthorpe and District Snooker League has to follow EPSB Covid-19 guidance.


EPSB had their guidance approved in late July and leagues can now restart from 1st August following that guidance. I contacted South Lakeland District Council and they also approved restarting league games if this guidance was followed and also stated that they could lockdown at any time if needed.


Please view the PDF's or scroll down the webpage to view all of the guidance that all venues and players need to follow.


View PDF of EPSB Return to Play Guidance on restarting Snooker

View PDF of EPSB Re-Opening Infographic for Venues and Players

View PDF of EPSB Re-Opening FAQs